What I Do

I work with several technology companies as a consultant, trainer and developer.

In computer engineering I emphasize my passion for mobile applications across platforms, but with special emphasis on training, where implement my own method: LEX, by which several startups have been able to begin to take their first steps into the applications sector.


Who I Am


Over 25 years of commitment to the industry, 1 BA, 2 Masters, teacher and trainer in over 20 different courses in different programming languages and systems, talks, lectures, collaborations with various specialized portals, several companies.

I center my expertise in the field of mobile applications, specifically in iOS and Xcode IDE. I think we are just starting and that much remains to be discovered within the possibilities offered by wearing a device in your pocket with continuous evolution characteristics.



My Work

Collaborations and developments

Examples of works and projects


A few links about my contributions in diferents social networks and video tutorials.